Personalised Mugs, Masks and More!

  • Your Face on Wrapping Paper - Just what they wanted!

    Definitely one of our funniest products - our Personalised gift wrap with your face plastered all over it! It's a gift on in it's own right.

    Upload a photo of ANY person and we'll cut out the face and plaster it all over the paper - just to make sure the recipient can see who the present is from. Imagine their delight.

    Available in A1, A2 Sheets, or 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m rolls.main-wrapping-paper-mock-up_2

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas


    If you're looking for some anniversary ideas, you've come to the right place, we have put some ideas together for you.

    1st and 5th years Luxury Message in a Bottle - £20.00  |  Couple Monogram Cushions - £35.00

    5th and 10th yearsOak Photo Keepsake Box with Floral Frame - £39.99 |   I Heart Teddy in a Tin - £19.99

    15th and 20th years

  • Christmas Eve Traditions

    Christmas EVE trad

    Christmas Eve is possibly THE most exciting night of the year, and it can terribly difficult to wait for Santa to bring his sack of goodies.

    Whether you are very little or not quite so little anymore, we all spend far too much time having a squeeze of the pressies, trying to work out what they might be. Whether its socks, or the latest console, it’s painful waiting.

    So jazz up your evening with a Christmas Eve box!

    A Christmas Eve box consists of all the Christmassy things which are necessary for a snuggly night on the sofa with your loved ones to get you in the seasonal spirit.


    - A new snuggly set of pj’s are an absolute must, the softer the better. Team them up with some fluffy bed socks, or go all out and get yourself a onesie!

    - Hot chocolate in your favourite personalised mug. Nothing can make you feel cozier than a hot chocolate when it’s snowy and cold outside. Cover it in marshmallows, and for you older ones, drop in a touch of Brandy to make it that extra bit special. Check out some recipes below!

    - A Christmas film. Whether it’s an old black and white classic, or features a grown man running around in an elf suit screaming 'SANTA', it’s completely obligatory to snuggle up with a Christmas film, as there is so many good ones to choose from!

    - Christmas cookies and other baked goods. This is where you get to get creative! A time to get messy and make some sugary snacks, and be able to eat them whilst they are still warm, is even better...

    - Reindeer dust - make up sachets of glitter and oats to sprinkle over your garden, just so that Santa and his reindeer know where they need to make their stop. Don't forget to put out a few carrots too!

    - A Christmas story. 'Twas the night before Christmas' never gets old, and the bookshops are now crammed with fun stories to get your imagination running away to the North Pole. A lovely way to settle the little ones to a peaceful night’s sleep before all the excitement of Christmas really begins.

    - For the adults - get yourself a second Brandy filled Hot Chocolate. You’re going to need it.....

    Tell us about your Favourite Christmas Eve traditions on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear them.

  • The Ultimate Gift Guide


    Gifts for Mum

    Best Mum Collage Mug

    Create a gift that celebrates just how special your mum is with this collage mug. Personalise with 7 photographs as well as a message, for a  sweet sentimental gift she is sure to love.

    Personalised Gardening gloves

    Does your mum have green fingers?? Why not treat her to these luxurious gardening gloves so that she can be stylish and practical all at once. Choose from a range of 3 colour options, and personalise with a monogram of her initials for that extra special touch.

    Personalised rolling pin

    There is nothing better than when your mum gets the flour out, so why not give her a reason to get her bake on this Christmas! Customise with her name and a special message that will bring a smile to her face with every cake she makes!

     Gifts for Dad

    Personalised Drumsticks

    For all the Dad’s who love to bang a drum, why not get him his very own set? Add a message or personalise with his name, and make him the envy of all his friends.

    Personalised Brown Leather Wallet

    How about this super suave brown leather wallet to show your dad just how much you care. Personalise with his initials and he will never have an excuse to lose it!

    Personalised Beer Trug

    Why have one beer when you can have 6? This personalised beer trug holds 6 large beers, so that he won’t have far to reach for the next one!


    Teenage Boys

    Time to be an Adult Mug

    Give him a poke in the right direction with this personalised message mug. Add your message to the back, the perfect place to remind him to do his washing!


    Always be yourself Print

    For all your superhero loving boys! Choose from Spiderman or Ironman and keep their dreams alive

     For the girls

    Teenage girls

    Personalised Cherish Heart Necklace

    For all the girls who love to accessorise, why not treat her to this little gem? Personalise with her name, and make her day on Christmas.


    Gardening Tool Kit

    The perfect present to inspire your little girl to get messy in the garden. The set includes a fork, trowel and a pair of gloves, which can be personalised with her name.


    Awesome Nan Mug

    Show your Nan just how sweet she really is. Personalise with a special photo to create a perfect memento from your happiest moments.

    Personalised Sentiments Glass Vase

    A vase perfect for filling your home with beauty and beautiful flowers, perfect for any nan who loves beautiful things. This can be personalised with any message to make it that extra bit special.

     For Grandad

    Personalised Brandy Warmer

    For making his evening tipple a little more indulgent. Personalise the glass with initials and his name, and be sure he will be delighted come Christmas morning.

    Family Tree Print

    A lovely way to celebrate your loving family. With the option for 4 generations of family, choose from a range of colours for a beautiful print that any family member will love.

  • 10 Rubbish Christmas Gifts

    Rubbish Christmas Gifts

    Although it’s the season of giving, it’s a wonderful feeling when you receive a well thought out gift. However now and again Santa doesn’t quite deliver the goods, and you’re left with gifts that will just clutter your cupboards. We’ve put together a list of all the rubbish Christmas gifts we have received over the years.

    1. Obviously Socks has to be number one on this list (although they are useful, you could buy these any old day of the year yourself)

    2. Christmas Jumpers (as you have to wait a whole year to wear it again, unless you like to start early on the festive cheer)

    3. Chocolates (as Christmas is already an over indulgent affair)

    4. Shampoo or Shower Gel Gift Sets (same principle as socks and also these never get used, even though you keep meaning to use them)

    5. Car Accessories (again same principle as the socks and shampoo, gifts like car mats, car tidies or touches not really gifts)

    6. Gifts that aren’t meant for you (when someone buys you a gift that’s really for them)

    7. Books (related to topics you aren’t interested in and end up on a bookshelf unread)

    8. Book Tokens (if you aren’t a big reader, and will probably expire before you think to use it)

    9. Badly made knitted clothing (that you feel you have to wear when the knitter visits)

    10. DVD’s or CD’s (that you wouldn’t watch or listen to in a million years)

    Go the extra mile this year and get your loved ones gifts that are especially made for them, why not try giving personalised gifts.

  • Awful Christmas Cracker Jokes

    Awful Christmas Cracker Jokes

    After you’ve opened all your gifts and before you’ve eaten a single Brussel sprout, it’s time for the retelling of some awful Christmas Cracker Jokes! Sometimes they can be so bad that they’re good. Here are some of the most awful cracker jokes that we could find! They might make you laugh but probably not…


    What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?



    What do they sing at a snowman's birthday party?

    Freeze a jolly good fellow


    Why does Santa have three gardens?

    So he can 'ho ho ho'!


    What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

    A Christmas Quacker!


    What do you call a cat in the desert?

    Sandy Claws!


    What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk?

    Jingle Smells!


    What do Santa's little helpers learn at school?

    The elf-abet.


    What do you call a three-legged donkey?

    A wonky donkey.


    There are plenty of these jokes around, we’re not sure who writes them or even how they have become rooted into one of our Christmas Day traditions. But we have to admit that we love them, no matter how bad they are.

  • Extra Special Bonfire Mug Cakes

    Especially for Bonfire night, we have tried and tested some gorgeous Mug Cakes. We found that there are lots of amazing recipes you can try for a truly scrumptious cake in seconds!  All you need is a microwave and a mug to get started!

    So, grab your ingredients and a mug and you’re all set. Whether you fancy something extra chocolatey or something a little bit indulgent, you're minutes away from a real treat!

    Bonfire - Mug Cakes

  • Questions You Can Only Ask Your Dad...


    s Day2

    We all have those questions we can only ask our Dad’s, and they usually start with “can you…?” Or “how do you…?”  Some questions are you just asking for stuff, others require a little bit of “Dad know-how” for example “how do you change a car tyre” or “how do I put up a shelf” or “can you put this shelf up for me, Dad?”

    Here are some more classic examples of questions you can only ask your Dad, questions that we have all probably asked our dads from time to time…

    1. Can you lend me a tenner?
    2. Can you give me a lift to…?
    3. Can you check the oil in my car?
    4. Dad there’s a leak from the shower/bath/kitchen sink… can you take a look?
    5. Dad what can I get Mum for your Birthday/Mother’s Day/ Christmas?
    6. How long would it take to get to...? (because dad’s just know this kind of thing)
    7. What’s better a … or …?
    8. Can you help me put together this flat-pack furniture?
    9. What’s the best way to get to…?
  • Father’s Day – How to Make Your Dad Feel Special!

    s Day 2

    Father’s day is all about making your Dad feel like a very special guy. So with this in mind here are a few ideas, to help you achieve the ultimate Father’s Day experience. It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to spend the earth to do this.

    So here’s a few tips:

    1. Try your hand at making a homemade card – going to the effort of creating something that’s one of a kind.
    2. Tickets to an event that you know they’ll love, whether it’s a football game (don’t forget the pie at half time!) Or perhaps a comedy gig.
    3. Get a personalised gift – going the extra mile with a personalised gift. From Mugs to cufflinks the possibilities are endless.
    4. It could be that you ask your Dad what he'd  love to do on Father’s Day – it might be that he’d love to just spend the day with you.
    5. Take him out for some nice nosh! And let him pick where he’d like to go, and make sure it’s on you!
  • Classic Dad Jokes

    Father's Day - Classic Dad Jokes

    In the spirit of Father's Day, we thought we'd take a look at the classic dad joke, and what makes it great. They’re a mixture of funny and not so funny. And they don’t often get a laugh they mostly get the slightly annoyed or embarrassed “Daaaaaaaaaaaaad” response.

    Here are some classic dad jokes:

    1. What's the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire.

    2. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fshhhh.

    3. "I'll call you later." Don't call me later, call me Dad.

    4. "Dad, I'm hungry." Hello, Hungry. I'm Dad.

    5. To a pizza delivery person: "Hey, you wanna pizza me?!"

    They just keep getting better and better….

    6. A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, ‘Sorry we don’t serve food here.

    7. “Me: ‘Hey, I was thinking…
’ My dad: ‘I thought I smelled something burning.’

    8. Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.

    9. Two pears on a table. Dad picks one up and says: they’re not a pair anymore

    10. Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks.

    What are your favourite dad joke is? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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