New Card Designs for Birthdays 2023

And that’s a wrap! Welcome 2023! That means a whole new year of celebrations, birthdays, and memories.

For 2023, we have a brilliant collection of cards for any occasion – with many more to come! Whether you want a funny, relatable, or generic card, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll take you through some themes which we have been dying to share with you, and that you will love!

Zodiac Birthday Cards

First up, we have the horoscope birthday cards. Okay…not everyone is a die hard fan of all things zodiacs and star signs. But it is a good way to give a more unique card to someone that is, or overall just someone that may like the style! Or if you just don’t get the hype of star signs and that whole malarkey – we have some funny cards you and your birthday partner can laugh at.

Aries Definition Birthday Card To My Favourite Leo Birthday Card
Virgo Definition Birthday Card To My Favourite Aquarius Birthday Card

Funny Birthday Cards

We all have those friends or family where you just can’t give a serious birthday card to. This is where you need to go on the hunt for that perfect one with the right amount of banter. We have a couple which may help you out:

Only Twats are Born in May Card If You Think This Card is Shit You Should See Your Care Home Birthday Card
Your Birthday is Becoming a Serious Fire Hazard Card You are now Approaching Old Age Card

Milestone Cards

Milestones are some of the best years to be celebrating birthdays. They are also the easiest time to buy birthday cards for! We have loads of milestone cards dependent on your age/gender or even relation to the person!‚Äč Most of our milestone card designs are available for a bunch of different ages – just search on our site once you’ve decided on the design for you, or use our filters to narrow it down by age.

50th Milestone Birthday Card 30th Milestone Birthday Card
Gaming Controller Levelled Up Birthday Card 70 Whole Years of Being Awesome - 70th Birthday Card
Animals on the Moon 5th Birthday Card Go Wild 21st Birthday Card

Family Cards

Believe it or not, you do need to buy your family birthday cards! But we can make that a whole lot easier, with our fabulous cards for specific family members. Whether it may be your uncle, niece, grandson, and much more.

To an Amazing Grandson Birthday Card To an Awesome Granddaughter Birthday Card
To My Beautiful Girlfriend Birthday Card Dad You're Prehistoric Birthday Card

Teenager Cards

Similar to milestones, getting to your teenage years is a huge accomplishment and memory. There are lots of things that you do in your teenage years, turning 16, turning 17 and being able to drive, or being able to legally drink at 18! Having a card to celebrate each of this is just what you need!

Sweet Sixteenth Candy Card - 16th Birthday Card Thank You for Taking the Time to Read This 16th Birthday Card
Car? I Thought You Said Card Birthday Card Aries Definition Birthday Card


We have plenty of other options available, that will definitely match exactly what you’re looking for! These are just specific occasions, but we do have lots of birthday cards that are generic, yet sure to bring a bundle of joy. Take a look at more birthday cards on our page here.

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