Wedding Save the Date Invitations: When to Send Them Out and Other Advice

One of the most crucial aspects to your wedding can be to have all of your loved ones able to attend. With that, planning to send out Save the Date invites can be a tactical and helpful way to keep all your guests in the loop of what date they should prepare for. But you’re probably wondering when to send them, who to send them to and maybe even what designs to send out…? We’ve answered a few of the key questions to save you time, and get right into it ahead for your wedding plans.

Read on to find out more of the most asked questions when it comes to Save the Date etiquette.

Even though you probably have already broke the news to friends and family that you are engaged, and maybe even when you’re thinking of it taking place – it is still common etiquette to send out pre-wedding invitations as a more exclusive announcement. Not only does it give your guests to a heads up, it’ll be a fun way to get them excited for the wedding and start planning in their own way for the occasion!

Save the Date invites should be kept mainly for the key wedding guests – that would be immediate family members, closest friends, everyone at a Hen/Stag do, the ones that first come to mind. You particularly don’t want to be sending them out to people who are not 100% going to make it to the definite wedding guest list. Once you send them out, you can’t unsend them! So be sure to have a fully secure guest list before sending them out.

When to send them out depends on the whole other aspects of your wedding – like the size, the destination, and time of year (aka if it’s meant to be a busy time period). The best time would be anywhere between 6-12 months, with longer to give more confidence that everyone will be able to book the dates of in time. If you’re looking at destinations that will require travelling, it would be better to send them out as much in advice as possible – they will appreciate it more than you think!

The standard information on Save the Date invites should give your guests an idea of when and where the wedding will take place, so that they can start thinking about booking the dates off and planning for other requirements. The most important points to include are:

  • The names of the couple
  • The wedding date
  • The location (Town, City, Country, etc)

Having this in mind, if you are looking at an option that will just have all this done for you and all you need to do is add in the appropriate information – take a look at our Save the Date Magnets.

The Save the Date design you choose will depend on the colour scheme, and overall theme of your entire wedding. Whether it’s more floral, minimalistic, colourful – you will need this to match up with the invites you send. If you want to go the pre-made route, our Save the Date Magnet designs have a fab range of different styles. They range from white and grey, to neutral pink to green wildflower, and more designs.

White and Grey Save the Date Fridge Magnets (Pack of 12) Blue Lilies Save the Date Fridge Magnets (Pack of 12)

What is the different between Save the Date Invites and Wedding Invites though? Wedding invites are more detailed invitations, with information given such as the dress code, the time of day, the full address, etc. These are sent out much closer to the actual date of the wedding, after the Save the Date cards. This ranges from 6-8 weeks before the wedding, giving enough time for everyone to get their last touches planned up. If you’re looking for Save the Date invites that match your Wedding invites, our Save the Date Magnets and Wedding Invites have matching design all prepared for you to just order. Take a look at the Wedding invites here.

White and Grey Floral Wedding Invitations - Pack of 10 Blue Lilies Wedding Invitations - Pack of 10

You’ve had your big day, and now you’re settling into the first couple moments of your newly-wed life. Now is the perfect time to sit down, and write out all of your gratitude for your guests in thank you cards whilst it’s all still fresh in everyone’s memory. The standard etiquette to send these out would be in the first three months after you wedding, but the ideal time would be anywhere between 6-8 weeks after. You can start by taking a look at some of our Thank-You Cards, specifically made to be a part of your wedding plan.

Thank You for Making Our Day so Special Wedding Card - Pack of 10 Thank You for Being Part of Our Special Day Photo Wedding Card - Pack of 10

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