Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts for those on a budget

As Valentine’s Day is getting near, you may be wondering what to get for your partner this year. However, with the celebration being so soon after the festivities, it may be a bit tough to spend money on expensive gifts. Fortunately, we have organised a selection of gifts, where you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create the perfect gift.

This gift guide includes a range of gifts, that are sure to make fit no matter the relationship you have with your partner. We also offer an extensive choice of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts, ideal to show your loved one just how much you care for them, with a gift made specifically for them.

Personalised Gifts

Heart Name Mug
Heart Name Mug for £6.99

Personalised gifts can be a beneficial gift for many reasons. They are good value for money, are highly thoughtful and durable. If you take personalised mugs for an example – you can tweak them with photos, text or a name to make it entirely unique to the individual you are buying for.

This pretty heart design mug is an ideal example of what sort of mug you can give your loved one. By adding their name in the middle it will create an original gift, which they wouldn’t be able to get again each year and get bored of. It would quickly become their most favourite mug to use around the house when wanting a hot brew.

Acrylic Photo Keyring - Portrait
Acrylic Photo Keyring – Portrait for £3.99


If you’re looking for more of a small gift that your partner can carry around everywhere, then a keyring will be able to do just that. We have portrait or landscape keyrings that are able to capture a special moment between you and your partner. Then it can be added to any set of keys, and appreciated every time it’s used.


Heart Shaped Photo Mug
Heart Shaped Photo Mug for £6.99

A heart shaped photo mug can be your partners new pride possession. If you have a photo together which you adore, this is the perfect opportunity to make use of it and have it as a souvenir.

All of our personalised mugs also come with the options to add a gift box, jelly beans or chocolates. Making an all round great gift all in one for a low price of under £12! If you wanted to add a Valentine’s Day card to that, you would have a complete gift sorted that will guarantee to leave a strong impression – all for under £15.


Valentine’s Day Cards

With a Valentine’s Day Card, you can really make a lasting impression on your partner – with the use of photos, memories, and words of affirmation. This is your time to really show how deeply you love your partner. By taking the time to sit down, and write something straight from the heart, speaks volumes. What you write can be the most important gift you give this Valentine’s Day – and to do that you need a unique card to go with it.

At Printster, we have a mixture of both personalised and non personalised cards – where you can pick a funny slogan card to match the humour you have with your partner, or a photo grid card to bring light to all your favourite memories you have shared together. Take a look at some our favourites that have recently added, that could be your Valentine’s Day card this year.

Turns Out I Like You More Than I Originally Planned Card Valentine's Day Photo Grid Card
You Stole a Pizza My Heart Card Happy Valentine's Day Full Photo Card
Love is Love Card Heart Photo Valentine's Day Card

Other Gifts

Kiss from a Rose
Kiss from a Rose for £14

If you’re looking for a gift ready to go, then this Kiss from a Rose box from Lush is the way to go. Filled with two rose bath bombs, it is the perfect way to set the mood for a chilled evening. Can’t go wrong with a relaxed evening to bring a little love to your day.

The With Love H-Box from Lush is the perfect way to treat your Valentine this year. Who doesn’t enjoy a box of chocolates to nibble on? Pair it with one of our personalised mugs, and you will have an ideal gift for the occasion.

With Love H-Box
With Love H-Box for £14.50

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