The Top 5 Gifts to Give Dad on Father’s Day

We all know that dad will automatically say that he ‘doesn’t want any gifts’ for special occasions like Father’s Day or their birthday. When really, deep down they get all warm inside when they receive something thoughtful and full of love. So this Father’s Day, the best gift would be to surprise the man that has always been there for you with something fun to show just how much you care and appreciate him.

Finding the perfect gift year after year is very difficult! Father’s don’t tend to openly share what they would like to receive, so there is some digging to do when it comes to finding something they will truly be grateful for and enjoy. A good place to start with is, seeing what their favourite hobbies or interests are and using that to the advantage when thinking of significant gifts. In this blog we will go through gifts your dad would love based of on his interest and personality, to make their Father’s Day one to remember.

The Cooking Dad

Quite a high proportion of father’s love a good barbeque or grill as soon as the sun comes out, or just like to eat! There are a lot of dads who have cooking as a hobby, and don’t take it as a chore! For all of those dads, you can find some affordable kitchen gadgets that would make them laugh, as well as be useful for their next cooking venture. Check these out to consider for your next Father’s Day gift hit:

  • BBQ and grill cleaner
  • Funny Apron
  • BBQ tool set
  • Grill thermometer

The Handyman Dad

Have you got the dad who is always taking on a new DIY project in the house? Well, using this as a starting point to think of ideas to help them with their next little (or big) project is the way to go! Here are some ideas that may bring a smile to his face:

Pssttt, we have some fab cards that would go perfectly hand in hand with some of these gifts! The ultimate handyman personalised Father’s Day cards:

Dad’s Tools Father’s Day Card

Dad You’re Such a Tool… Card

Call Dad Father’s Day Card

The Dad who Loves Gadgets

Some of us know just how much dads love gadgets! Whether there is a new tech gadget that everyone is raving about, or just something that is super convenient for them – it will get them busy for a while trying to play around and use it. What’s better is that some of them can be super practical! Take a look at these cool gadget ideas:

  • Spirit Dispenser
  • Home Beer Tap
  • Travel Power Adapter
  • Car Cleaning Gel
  • Massage Gun

The Outgoing Dad

A lot of dads are always trying to go to a new city to explore, want to go on a hike or just love to be out in nature! For them a super practical, yet savvy gift will be able to take his next adventure to the next level! These could be a great way to light them up:

  • Portable Coffee Press
  • Binoculars
  • Hiking Boots
  • Mini Portable Massager
  • World Map

The Dad Who Loves a Laugh

Is your dad always cracking a joke and able to light up the room? What better way to surprise him on Father’s Day than to get him laughing even more! Have a look at these great options that would make a gift just right for Father’s Day:

Why don’t you add a hilarious personalised Father’s Day card whilst you’re at it? Some of our personal favourites are:

You’re One of my Favourite Parents Father’s Day Card

The Only Iron Dad Knows How to Use Card

Thanks for Being my Personal Taxi Card

We hope you can now explore what kind of dad you have, and use his special traits to your advantage to pick a cool gift this Father’s Day! Whatever you choose, we are sure it will go down a treat when he’s seen how much thought you’ve put into it.

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