A Happy Customer Journey

The story of Printster and our customers

A customer journey that is one to remember, is what we love to see! Printster has been making personalised gifts for over 16 years now, and in that time we have helped families, friends, and everyone in between to create more emotional connections, share memories and make others happy through the act of gift giving. We believe that the real value of a gift comes from within, and so a personalised gift that you can keep forever is exactly what brings that to life.
Saying that, we couldn’t help but get in touch with one of our loyal customers who has been ordering with us for over 7 years. We really wanted to know more about the story behind the orders – what stood out to us the most, is how unique the order was – the brilliant idea of mug inception!

How the idea evolved…

One thing we love about our products, is when people can use them to create fun, new memories and take them with them on new adventures through life. This customer in particular, smashed this, and quite literally took some mugs on new adventures.
It all started when our customer, Rob, had bought the original mug for a friend as a housewarming gift of them, but the photo wrapped around the mug to look as though it was only him on the mug. He then took a picture of himself with the mug, and it then became an annual tradition, taking photos with the previous mug to help create an inception style of concept. Best described as “an annual photo of me with a mug, of a photo of me with a mug”. Quite the clever idea.

A well travelled mug

Rob gathered so much interest with his idea that he was even able to receive mug gifts back to him, with his friends posing with the latest version of the mug. His mugs have travelled to Myanmar, various ski seasons and many more locations! A well travelled mug some may say. We are all jealous here at Printster!
Here is one of the mugs that has travelled to this stunning view of snowy mountains.

This story inspired us to dive in deeper of “why?” people order from us, and what their purpose was.

Inception designs

As you can see below, these are the photos of the brilliant timeline of the 7 years of the inception mugs. What is the most intriguing part of this concept is the deeper perspective of also documenting his life through out the years, and how it changes. The more recent photos have seen Rob welcome a new member into his family, which is a wholesome way of showing maturity and entering a different step into adulthood.

The mugs still make it under the Christmas trees of his closest family and friends on an annual basis, and he has plans to keep the tradition for a long time – we look forward to seeing it all progress!


Get involved!

We would love to find out more intriguing stories that all of our customers have behind their purchases! If you have any unique, thoughtful, or just any stories you would like to share – get in touch with us through our socials. You can send us a quick message on Instagram @printster_uk or send me an email personally on natalia@printster.co.uk 🙂

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