Top 7 Gift Ideas For Your Bestie ♀

All we want is to see our best friend smile. Maybe you haven’t seen them much over the last, um, shall we say.. extremely depressing period of time? But fear not, restrictions are easing, Covid won’t stop you for too much longer. Anyway, enough about the C word. This is about the B word: Bestie! Let’s look at our top 7 gift ideas for their birthday, or maybe just your next reunion.

Polaroid Photo Mug

Printster polaroid photo mug

Perfect for those late night chats with a cuppa. You can upload multiple photos on this mug, so go wild (embarrassing photos encouraged). Affordable, adorable. Basically, this gift is foolproof.

Rose Gold Photo Frame

Rose gold photo frame

Something sleek and shiny for your best friend. A very reasonably priced photo frame from Addison Ross, with glass around the edge giving it a modern feel. Put your favourite photo of the two of you together and voila! Simple but effective.

Bikini Girl Personalised Mini Me Doll

Printster personalised mini me doll

Here we have a hilarious new product from us. Introducing: Mini Me Doll, in a bikini! Okay, maybe you can’t go on holiday together at the moment, but fake it till you make it. Upload a photo of yourself, their face, or maybe one for each of you so you’re never really apart. Just an all round great gift, and a real conversation starter too.

Sculpd Pottery Kit

Pottery making kit

Here’s a creative one for you. Sculpd offer a fantastic pottery kit, with instructions included. Order, sculpt, paint, varnish and Bob’s your Uncle, you have yourself a plant pot.

Pineapple Tumbler

Pineapple tumbler

Summer is here (wouldn’t you believe it). Rain or shine, this is a gorgeous gift from Wish. Fill it with cocktails, beer, wine.. you get the point, alcohol. And who doesn’t love pineapples?

BFF Personalised Socks

Printster BFF personalised socks

That’s right. Both of your faces. On socks. Mark your territory with our statement BFF socks. Get a pair each, mix and match the colours! True friends share socks.

Mojitos Making Kit

Mojito making kit

And finally… A full mojitos making kit from Not On The High Street. Not the usual alcohol giving gift, and something you can do together as well, without costing an arm and a leg.


So, there you have it: 7 of our top gift ideas to give to your best friend. Something for every Moll, Nell and Sue. Hopefully we’ve been some help here for all those flatlining on ideas right now.

Don’t stop there! Wrap your gifts with our Photo Grid Wrapping Paper for a gift that keeps on giving.

Photo Grid personalised wrapping paper

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