How To Thank Your Clients This Christmas

As the festivities are approaching, it is good to make sure to start planning how to show your thanks to your clients this Christmas. This year, it could be one of the most important years to say thank you to your customers, due to the struggles people have faced financially. With that, showing your gratitude and appreciation for your clients for their ongoing support and loyalty towards the business can have a genuine impact.

In order to portray your care for your clients, there are lots of cost effective ways that can be a good way to say ‘thank you’. The most popular way of doing this is through a Christmas card or a personalised Christmas gift. Here are some ideas we have thought of at Printster, which will help your business grow a stronger bond with your business relationships, develop stronger brand loyalty, and overall make a nice gesture to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

How to thank your clients for their business

  1. Personalised Christmas Card
  2. Handwritten thank you notes
  3. Branded Christmas gifts
  4. Perks or discounts

Personalised Christmas Card

If you’re looking to take the batch of Christmas card approach, you may want to start as early as you can. The best time to send these out are at the start of December, so it won’t leave you long to fill them all out one by one. Adding a personalised message in each one, showing how thankful you are for doing business with your clients, can speak volumes for them. At the end of the day, you want to show your client that they are valued.

Using a bespoke Christmas thank you card will also increase brand awareness, and helps your business start on a high, positive note in the New Year.

Handwritten thank you notes

Christmas time can be a very busy period for everyone, so showing appreciation face to face is not always easy. Handwriting a note instead, whether it is a thank-you card or a Christmas card, or even an email, can be very meaningful. Whatever way you do it, ensure to include within the message that you thank them for their business with you.

Branded Christmas gifts

Giving out a gift with your brand and logo can allow to keep it professional, yet still be a nice gesture to help grow your businesses identity. Deliver these with your Christmas card to add a personalised touch to your most recognised, and potentially biggest clients you may have. More practical options such as a Business Promotional Mug or a Custom Logo Keyring are probably the better gifts to send out, so that clients can get use of them.

Promotional Merchandise

Perks or discounts

On top of all these other ways of saying thank you, surprising your clients with a special reward or discount code can be extremely thoughtful. If you know clients that usually make a big order or have done in the past, including a discount code in their handwritten note or in an email can be an enticing way to help them shop at your business again. As well as that, it will help your business stand out from against the crowd of competitors this Christmas.


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