Creative Party Ideas With Cardboard Masks

Personalised Face Masks

Sick and tired of those same old Zoom parties? Bored of just watching TV with your housemates? Revitalise your evenings with personalised cardboard face masks from Printster! How we spend our days has changed so much since the start of the March 2020 lockdown – we all adapted so well, taking advantage of Zoom pub quizzes and pulling out the dusty old board games, but nearly a year on, we know it’s getting tedious. So we’ve come up with a list of games using our fantastic personalised cardboard face masks.

Virtual Masquerade – Best mask wins

Everyone must arrive at the party wearing a personalised face mask and the best mask wins – simple! The mask can be of themselves, someone in the group or anything they find funny

  • Everyone orders a funny cardboard face mask
  • Ask everyone to wear them when they join
  • Everyone votes on the mask that is best.

Mr & Mrs – a twist on a classic

The ultimate test to see how well your know your partner. This is game has stood the test of time but will your relationship?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Order some face masks with the face of the ‘Mr’ on and order the same amount of face masks with the face of the ‘Mrs’
  • Pick some questions to ask (there are many websites that offer free questions)
  • Give the contestants a face mask of the ‘Mr’ and a face mask of the ‘Mrs’ each then when a question is read out, they hold up the face mask of the person that the question best describes.

It’s fun for hours and it’s sure to be a hit with the party goers.

Most Likely To – Full of fun and laughter (and arguments)

Similar to ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘Most Likely To’ is a game that involves a set of a questions and and a few face masks. This is how you play:

  • Order some face masks of all of the contestants playing (for best results, you will need to order a set of masks for each group playing)
  • Pick some questions to ask (there are many websites that offer free questions available)
  • Give the contestants the set of face masks then when a question is read out, they hold up the face mask of the person that is most likely to do or say what was mentioned.

Who said that? – A great way to bring back memories of good times

Similar to some of the earlier games, ‘Who said that?’ requires you to compile a list of as many things as possible that your fellow party goers have said or done: Here’s how to play:

  • Think of as many things that your party goers have said or done, e.g. “Who once said that Wayne Rooney played cricket?” or “Who got their drink thrown over them by a barmaid on holiday in Spain”  (the most embarrassing ones are always the best!)
  • Ask the group ‘Who said …..?’ or ‘Who did …..’ then each person holds up the face mask of who they think said/did what was mentioned.

Guess who? – A childhood favourite making a comeback

A great way to reuse the masks from the previous game, ‘Guess Who’ is a game where the participants wear a mask and must guess the person on the mask by asking questions to the other players. Here’s how to do it:

  • Using your masks from above, each player selects, at random, a mask and wears it
  • The player must then ask the other a players a series of questions to try and identify the the face on their mask.

The player can ask any questions they like about their mask and they can be as funny, or rude, as they like!

Hide & seek – Not just for kids

Supposing that there is more than one of you at home, this game is a fun way of rekindling the spirit of your younger self. To play:

  • Hide various masks around the house
  • When you are ready, ask the seeker to find them (You can decide on what kind of time limit to have)
  • If the seeker should fail to find them then why not leave the mask where it is and then one day they’ll have a big surprise.

Identity Theft – Who do you think you are?

This game is perfect for a group call with lots of people. Each player must wear a mask of someone else and assume their identity for the rest of the evening. The mask could be an attendee or anyone else that you think would be funny, providing you have their permission.

  • Each player put on their mask and pretends that they are the person on the mask for the rest of the evening.
  • If someone breaks character then they are eliminated from the game until the last person stands.

Pin the ‘moustache’? on the mask – Bring back your child-like self

***This game is best played after a few beverages (so we’ve heard…)***

You’ve heard of pin the tail on the donkey so get ready for pin the ‘moustache’? on the mask. To play this game:

  • Take one of the mask that you have ordered and place it on the wall
  • Blindfold the player and spin them round 3 times
  • Ask the player to stick the ‘moustache’? on the mask

Got a Birthday party or Stag/Hen night coming up? We’ve got you covered there too…

Struggling to plan a birthday party?

So you’ve agreed to host a birthday party for one for your friends. It seemed like a great idea at the time but now the reality has sunk in and you’re worried your party won’t live up to those legendary first parties of last year. Well, worry no more because Printster will help you spice up that party. You know that embarrassing photo you took of the …. ? Why not upload it to our website and create a personalised cardboard face mask to surprise them with. Just imagine their face when they see a screen of themselves looking at back at them!

Stag night or hen do cancelled?

Many of us have had to cancel or postpone our stag or hen nights in the last twelve months. Hosting an online party for the bride or groom to be is a great way to show that you’re still thinking about them and although an online party will never be as good as the real thing but it will still give the stag/hen a fun time until you can do the real thing. To make the most of the online party, order some masks of the stag/hen and then begin a bar crawl around your house.

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