Christmas Birthdays: December Birthday Ideas

December…aka the time of Christmas cheer, decor, food and sweets. You can’t really go wrong with the celebrating and getting excited for presents. However, this is where December babies get kind of brushed to the side and forgotten about. Or even worse, used as an excuse to not have to celebrate due to the day being merged into the Christmas plans without choice – bummer.

The holidays combined with all the aspects of Christmas/New Year makes it very difficult to organise a Birthday for a Sagittarius or Capricorn that is worth remembering. Let’s not even forget the sad reality of having to face the fact of them dealing with the joys of a joint Birthday and Christmas present…very disappointing (even if they don’t like to admit it).

Well, if you know a fellow December baby that you love dearly, we have ways to give them the spotlight they deserve this year. With our new designs of birthday cards emerging, we made sure to develop some that your Christmas birthday bestie will appreciate. Take a look at some we adore:

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A card doesn’t always do justice of how much December babies get sidetracked with the festivities. Saying that, we have created the best ways of making a Christmas Birthday for your loved ones special this year.

What to avoid

Using money as an excuse

The biggest pet peeve for December birthdays is people backing out of plans or not being open to do them due to money concerns at Christmas. The thing is, everyone knows when these birthdays fall. It never changes. So, the last thing you want to be doing is make it feel as though their birthday is a financial burden. Just showing up is priceless.

Combining presents

Christmas is not an excuse to combine birthday presents! There is always a way of splitting the presents in two. Buying smaller, more personal gifts for both occasions will be enough to make their birthday feel more thoughtful. Take a look at our bestselling gift ideas to give you an idea of a range of presents you could have for either occasions.

Not having free time

Most people are busy during this time due to spending time with family and being away. Despite that, how many of us actually celebrate on the day of our birthday? There are plenty of weekends before or after the birthday where it won’t interfere with the specific Christmas celebrations, where December babies will be more than happy to celebrate their birthday.

Making it an inconvenience

Creating a fuss around planning these birthdays will just make it seem as though the birthdays are unwanted and not designed to make it special for just them. It is meant to be a day celebrating the person and their birthday!

How to make a December birthday special

Save money

Now is your chance to learn how to save. Use your friends, and their happiness as motivation! Even putting aside a little bit of money each month leading up to the occasion specifically, will make a huge impact on creating a sentimental birthday for your loved ones.

Create definite plans

Don’t wait until the last minute to make plans. December is one of the most organised times of year, where everyone starts to book up their calendar as early as October. Whether it be salon appointments, Christmas work parties, they happen pretty early on. Therefore, same goes for birthdays. Creating definite plans allows for there to be an established day to later develop proper plans for.

Get friends and family together

Having group plans make it easier for everyone to be on the same page, and keep the same dates free. December babies understand that it’s a busy time of year for everyone. But, what they would cherish the most is having everyone they care for making an effort to come to their Birthday plans.

Make it seem like a birthday

The last thing you want is to make it feel like a Christmas party. Of course, you can still take advantage of the Winter time, and different ways of incorporating that into the birthday. A lot of December babies still enjoy the time of year their birthday falls! Perhaps, ice skating, bonfire (snuggled up with endless snacks, drinks, blankets), cosy movie night (favourite movies, pizzas, even dressing up in a theme).

Make use of birthday decorations! These are still sold all year round, believe it or not. They don’t just automatically stop during the Christmas period. Get some balloons, birthday banners, badges! Most importantly, you want to make sure to have an epic birthday cake.

To finish off, whether you want to bring style to your December baby friends birthday this year – make sure to check out our birthday cards, whether it be general ones or December birthday cards. Likewise, you can make use of our birthday wrapping paper, to prevent the feeling of skimping out on one present – and then making it wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.

If you need a bit of inspiration of how to avoid combining their Christmas and birthday gifts in one, we have a selection of products especially for Christmas to break it up.




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