Fun Things to do this Summer when it’s Raining!

Looking for more activities to do this summer holidays, we’ve come up with a few more to keep the kid’s busy for hours!

Summer Activities RAIN1

When the British summer fails you, and its pouring outside we’ve got some fun activities to save the afternoon!

Header - Hide and seekThis game is more fun when it’s getting dark outside or it’s a really dull day. 

1. Close all the curtains and blinds, try to make it as dark as possible
2. Draw straws to see you will be the Seeker, give the chosen Seeker a timer
3. Set the timer for 3 minutes
4. While the Timer is counting down, Hiders go HIDE!
5. After the Timer is up Seeker go find the Hiders!


Header - fortThis will really get your imagination going! Get ready to build your own fort!

1. Collect all the blankets, duvets and cushions you have
2. Think about how big you want your fort, so that you select the best room to build it in
3. Use a sofa, chairs or tables as the base support.
4. Now all you have to do is get building! (Using an assortment of blankets, duvets, cushions, fairy lights etc)
5. Now your awesome fort is assembled it’s ready to become your castle!


Header - Treasure Hunt

This is a really exciting game that can last for hours, with the little pirates trying to capture their lost treasure!

1. Firstly choose a worthy treasure (ie. chocolates, water gun, bubbles etc)
2. Create a map of the house using lots of different colours and materials (make it come to life!)
3. Hide the treasure where no one will find it (well hopefully they will eventually!)
4. Place clues around your house (ie. riddles, puns, anything to help the little pirates find their treasure)
5. Little pirates get finding!


Header - contestThis can be a singing content or an anything goes kind of contest!

1. Create a stage, this could be anything, any open space in your home
2. Select the judges and think about how you want to set the contest up (ie. do you want different rounds, is it a singing content or is it anything goes)
3. Chose a worthy prize
4. Talent contestants pick your talent!
5. Contestants get performing and best of luck!


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