Fun things to do with the kids this summer

Summer Activities- final 11

Here are some activities to make the summer holidays more fun!

Header - MUG

    1. Draw your design (two drawings for the front of the mug and the back)
    2. Scan your drawings
    3. Go to our website and upload your scanned drawing, following the instructions to place your order (don’t forget to use the discount code SUMMER15!)
    4. Enjoy your very own designed mug



  1. Draw your puppet character
  2. Cut out your character
  3. Draw around the edge of your character onto cardboard. This will make your paper puppet stronger!
  4. Stick the cardboard and paper together
  5. Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry (in this time you could repeat the above steps to create more puppets!)
  6. Get a straw, using sticky tape attached it to the back of your character(on the cardboard)
  7. You are ready to put on your play!

Header - Board Games

  1. Decide what type of game you would like to play (maybe your own version of Checkers/ or a new game all together!)
  2. Set out how many players you need for your game
  3. Layout out the rules for your game (so decided how someone can win your game)
  4. Draft your game out on a piece of paper (so you know it will work!)
  5. Get a big piece of card to create your board (Use whatever materials you have, felt tips, crayons, glitter, paint – whatever you like).
  6. You are ready to play your game!

Header- Scrapbook

  1. Collect all the memories you have (photo’s, cinema tickets, music tickets, bus stubs, certificates, medals, birthday cards, Christmas cards – anything with a memory attached to it!)
  2. Gather all your materials (glitter, paint, felt tips, crayons, tissue paper, coloured paper)
  3. Think about how you want to lay it out in your book (do you want to order it chronologically? or a memory book for this summer!)
  4. Get sticking, painting, drawing, glittering!
  5. From time to time add more to it.


Have you tried out any of our fun activities? We’d love to hear how it’s gone. Tweet us on @printster_uk.

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