4 Reasons to take Props on a Stag/Hen party

When your best friends are getting married, the stag or hen party is a very special occasion. More than that, it’s an international party tradition; it’s the final time you’ll get to spend time with either of the couple before they embark on the adventure of married life, and inevitably become more boring than they were before!! That means that this party has to be the most fun you can possibly make it.

Why not start with some novelty, personalised props? Here’s four reasons why you should:

1) They’re more fun
A stag or hen do needs an amusing edge, and props like funny wigs, printed t-shirts, a ball and chain or personalised face masks give the party that edge. They can help loosen everyone up and get them into the party spirit before the festivities have even started.

2) Helps you stand out
Props make it easy for your to show to the rest of the world that you are no ordinary group of friends out having a good time. Adding the novelty of props means others will realise that this is a party worthy of recognition.

3) Makes the party more memorable
You can party with your friends without props any night of the year. A stag or hen do is the last night of freedom for your betrothed friends, so make it one they’ll never forget by kitting everyone out with props. For example, a personalised t-shirt is something everyone can hold on to years after the party is over and think back to a truly awesome event (providing all the “merriment” didn’t remove those memories).

4) They’re inexpensive and easy to get
High-quality, personalised props can be acquired quickly and cheaply through the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to add that hilarious edge to your fun.

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