Mother’s Day presents from pets are becoming more popular


–  Pictures like pets’ own selfies printed onto mugs  –

The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is never more so true. Printster (, one of the UK’s most popular suppliers of personalised mugs and other personalised gifts, has found that it is becoming ever more popular for pets to send their owners personalised mugs and other gifts for Mother’s Day.

Personalised by Sparky! Personalised by Polly!

A dog or cat has always been seen as part of the family and part of these family occasions but now Printster is getting more unusual photos sent in for their range of personalised gifts including other animals such as rabbits, horses and parrots.

Printster offers a wide range of over 1000 gifts which are tailored to you. These can be mugs, keyrings, t-shirts or even masks. The mugs have proved popular for Mother’s Day as a memento for a special mum on this day.

Ben Williamson, Managing Director of, said, “We always sell many personalised mugs around such events as Mother’s Day. Usually these are pictures of children but it is becoming more and more popular for mugs to be sent with pictures of pets on as well as children. We are an animal loving nation and people nowadays see their pets as part of their extended family.”

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