The Mighty Masks of Spider-Man!

With just days to go until Spider-Man swings back onto the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, what better time to look back over the changing face of the iconic superhero?!

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter Parker’s alter ego first appeared in 1962 and since then has featured in countless comics, cartoons, live-action series, films and even a musical. From his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man has sported many looks, from an anonymous wrestler to a Depression-era crusader. Now Marvel’s flagship character, Spider-Man is just as popular as ever with his latest crime-fighting adventure tipped for box office success as our hero sets out to uncover the truth about OsCorp.

Here we take a look back at over fifty years of Spidey and his ever-adapting guise:


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