12 Ways You Knew it was Christmas When You Were Young


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We all have those magical Christmas memories from when we were younger of how the Christmas season used to be. And every year at one moment or another we find ourselves reminiscing.

Remembering the anticipation of Christmas day, not being able to sleep Christmas night, then fearing that Santa wouldn’t turn up because you were still wide awake. And in the morning being completely surprised that he’d eaten the mince pie and Rudolf had eaten his carrot. That was all the proof you needed, well that and the fact that he’d left presents under the tree. The magic lived on…

Which ones do you remember?  

  1. When writing your Christmas list you included page numbers and product codes from a certain catalogue.
  2. Starred in your school nativity wearing a dressing gown and a towel and not being able to resist waving at your parents.
  3. Trying to wake up your parents at a ridiculous hour and getting sent back to bed, waiting for your parents to wake up felt like an eternity.
  4. Breaking at least one new toy on Christmas day
  5. Watching lots and lots of Christmas films back to back
  6. Being forced to eat at least one Brussel Sprout on Christmas Day
  7. When you were very little being terrified of visiting Santa’s Grotto, you’re not sure what terrified you all you know is that something did.
  8. Skipping ahead on your advent calendar, then feeling instantly guilty
  9. Showing off your new bike to the kids in your neighbourhood.
  10.  Last day at school you just played lots of board games and watched films and it was the best day ever.
  11. Having to wait until after Christmas dinner to open your “main presents”
  12. Weeks before Christmas Day, going on a hunt to find your presents. Then instantly regretting it once you’d found them!

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