Fabric Face Masks


Face masks have become an essential part of day to day life for most, so why not have some fun with your own personalised face masks? You can personalise yours with any photo (a photo of your mouth & chin can be funny!), or a message or company logo. Or, we have plenty of designs to choose from - you can look like a skull, a clown, a cat, a lion and more.

Available in three sizes, and made from durable but comfortable polyester material. Our personalised face masks are digitally printed in full colour using safe inks, and they shouldn't fade for a long time.

Our fabric masks aren't designed to prevent infection, but they will help catch the larger droplets of water when you sneeze or cough to help prevent spreading germs. They are comfortable to wear but aren't designed to be worn for long periods of time, e.g. a full day at work and aren't suitable for medical environments. However, they're great for commuting, or popping to the shops and busy public spaces.

Be sure to wash your mask regularly in the washing machine, at least 30 degrees - the colours will not fade much over time so you can enjoy your mask over and over.