Questions You Can Only Ask Your Dad...


s Day2

We all have those questions we can only ask our Dad’s, and they usually start with “can you…?” Or “how do you…?”  Some questions are you just asking for stuff, others require a little bit of “Dad know-how” for example “how do you change a car tyre” or “how do I put up a shelf” or “can you put this shelf up for me, Dad?”

Here are some more classic examples of questions you can only ask your Dad, questions that we have all probably asked our dads from time to time…

  1. Can you lend me a tenner?
  2. Can you give me a lift to…?
  3. Can you check the oil in my car?
  4. Dad there’s a leak from the shower/bath/kitchen sink… can you take a look?
  5. Dad what can I get Mum for your Birthday/Mother’s Day/ Christmas?
  6. How long would it take to get to...? (because dad’s just know this kind of thing)
  7. What’s better a … or …?
  8. Can you help me put together this flat-pack furniture?
  9. What’s the best way to get to…?
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