• Mother’s Day presents from pets becoming more popular

    -  Pictures like pets’ own selfies printed onto mugs  –

    The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is never more so true. Printster (, one of the UK's most popular suppliers of personalised mugs and other personalised gifts, has found that it is becoming ever more popular for pets to send their owners personalised mugs and other gifts for Mother’s Day.

    Personalised by Sparky! Personalised by Polly!

    A dog or cat has always been seen as part of the family and part of these family occasions but now Printster is getting more unusual photos sent in for their range of personalised gifts including other animals such as rabbits, horses and parrots.

    Printster offers a wide range of over 1000 gifts which are tailored to you. These can be mugs, keyrings, t-shirts or even masks. The mugs have proved popular for Mother’s Day as a memento for a special mum on this day.

    Ben Williamson, Managing Director of, said, “We always sell many personalised mugs around such events as Mother’s Day. Usually these are pictures of children but it is becoming more and more popular for mugs to be sent with pictures of pets on as well as children. We are an animal loving nation and people nowadays see their pets as part of their extended family.”

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    Clare Thomas, Screaming Frog

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    About Printster

    Since 2006, has become one of the UK’s most popular online retailers of personalised gifts.

    With an extensive range of products including mugs, t-shirts and many more exciting and unique personalised gifts, we cater for all tastes and budgets. We have a diverse range of designs and styles, enabling our customers to create truly personal gifts and treats for all occasions.

    Visit our online store at

  • 4 Reasons to take Props on a Stag/Hen party

    When your best friends are getting married, the stag or hen party is a very special occasion. More than that, it’s an international party tradition; it’s the final time you’ll get to spend time with either of the couple before they embark on the adventure of married life, and inevitably become more boring than they were before!! That means that this party has to be the most fun you can possibly make it.

    Why not start with some novelty, personalised props? Here’s four reasons why you should:

    1) They’re more fun
    A stag or hen do needs an amusing edge, and props like funny wigs, printed t-shirts, a ball and chain or personalised face masks give the party that edge. They can help loosen everyone up and get them into the party spirit before the festivities have even started.

    2) Helps you stand out
    Props make it easy for your to show to the rest of the world that you are no ordinary group of friends out having a good time. Adding the novelty of props means others will realise that this is a party worthy of recognition.

    3) Makes the party more memorable
    You can party with your friends without props any night of the year. A stag or hen do is the last night of freedom for your betrothed friends, so make it one they’ll never forget by kitting everyone out with props. For example, a personalised t-shirt is something everyone can hold on to years after the party is over and think back to a truly awesome event (providing all the “merriment” didn’t remove those memories).

    4) They’re inexpensive and easy to get
    High-quality, personalised props can be acquired quickly and cheaply through the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to add that hilarious edge to your fun.

  • Five Reasons to Give a Personalised Mug at Christmas

    Christmas shopping can be a real headache. Some people are easy to shop for, but for others it’s tougher. Up until now, you may never have considered a personalised mug a good present at Christmas, but today you will change your mind. Below are our five top reasons to give a personalised mug this Christmas.

    1) It’s a highly versatile gift that many would appreciate

    From family members to neighbours to colleagues; most people in society use a mug regularly, and so it is something that a lot of people have a use for. A personalised mug that says “I love you” makes a great stocking filler for any loved one --- and your best mates will never let go of any mug with their favourite joke written on the side!


    2) Making the mug personalised makes it that much more unique

    By adding a photo of the one you care about on the side of the mug you give makes the receiver feel a lot more special. Why is that? Because the mug you have just given them is not available in any shops or catalogues.

    3) A mug is for life…

    …not just for Christmas! Whether the receiver uses it for their morning tea or coffee, or to drink soup out of on a cold day; that mug you give them is going nowhere.  A personalised mug can serve a constant reminder of affection or friendship for years after the Christmas you give it.

    4) People love their mugs

    If you work in an office or in a school, you’ll know that office workers and teachers love their mugs. They write their names on the bases, stick labels to them so others won’t use them. A mug becomes part of a person’s territory. With a personalised mug, like those at, your friends and colleagues can have a mug tailored just for them, and no others will mistake it for their mug again.

    5) A personalised mug can be a real surprise

    If you’re one of those people who gets stuck on gifts for certain people, then you may just end up getting the same types of presents for them each year. So, while they’re expecting yet another deodorant set or shower gel gift box, give them a real surprise with a personalised mug that they’ll really treasure and appreciate.

    So now you know! Visit our website to see our range of personalised mugs, and follow our simple online instructions to get started.

  • Christmas Face Masks

    The holiday season is upon us! Christmas and New Year bring with them a lot of parties, which are always fun, but don’t you wish you could bring something a little different to your holiday events this year to give them a bit of extra kick? What you need is a personalised Christmas face mask, like the ones available at Choose from a range of celebrity masks, or send in your own photos and turn the faces of your friends, family or colleagues into a brand-new party mask!

    Here are some great ideas on how to use personalised party masks at Christmas time:

    1) Inject more fun into your office party with a game of “Who am I?” Make up a set of face masks for you and your colleagues, then mix them up and have each person pick one at random and wear it. Go around the room and ask questions to work out who you are! You could also play the same game with celebrity face masks.

    2) Jazz up your family Christmas with a set of fun masks to wear --- they’re way more fun than a boring old paper crown wrapped around a mediocre joke you’ve heard a dozen Christmases in a row! Let the kids be reindeer; let granddad be Father Christmas, and let Dad be a cheeky elf while he does all the washing up. Christmas masks are a fun change, and you can personalise them any way you want.

    3) Are you the kind of person that likes to throw theme parties at Christmas? What could be a better addition than a personalised mask designed for the occasion? The masks you get at are all of the highest quality, and are perfect even if you’re on a tight budget.

    Check out the range of masks available at and place your orders now. If you want something a bit different, follow our simple online instructions and you can get your very own personalised party masks in no time. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • Personalised Mugs

    A mug is more than just a cup to drink out of; it’s a sturdy, reliable and loyal friend that comforts you when you need it. You can fill it with hot tea, wrap your hands around it and warm up, and what’s more you can choose from thousands of designs and pick one out that you feel best reflects you and your personality. But even when you think you’ve found one that really suits you, it’s still not entirely personalised, is it? Someone else is bound to have exactly the same mug somewhere out there. And if you’re working in an office, there’s always the problem of people mistaking your mug for their own. So what can you do?

    Mince-Pie-Message-Mugchristmas mugs


    At, we offer an exciting and innovative range of personalised products, including our personalised mugs which will ensure no one will mistakenly use your mug again.

    You may have seen actors in films and television shows wielding personalised mugs with special photos or messages on them, and wondered to yourself how you could get your hands on something similar. It’s not as hard as you think, and those kinds of special personalised mugs are not reserved for celebrities and people with special business connections.

    Good quality, cheap personalised mugs can be yours very easily, and can feature any photo or picture you have of yourself, your family, friends or even your pets. They are ideal to give to loved ones, friends, colleagues or others as gifts on virtually any special occasion. What’s more, when you get your personalised tea mugs from, you’ll be getting a mug design that’s genuinely unique. You can rest assured that no one else out there has one like it, because this large personalised mug is made especially for you.

    So, when you’re thinking about the ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion you think needs a gift; choose something that really demonstrates the personal touch, like a personalised photo mug. They’re suitable for all ages, and at we have personalised mugs for adults, personalised mugs for children and teenagers – whatever your age, a mug with your favourite photo is always a fantastic gift that you’ll treasure forever.

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