Our Top 7 Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Ok, here we go again, what the heck are we gonna get our better half for Valentine’s Day this year? We can’t do our annual February the 13th pilgrimage to the shops in a panic this time so we’re gonna have to be ready earlier. “What? How on earth is that even possible?” I hear you ask. Well then, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together a list of our top 7 products ideal for Valentine’s Day below.


#1 Heart Name Mug – An absolute classic that she’s sure to love.

Let’s get straight down to business. This mug is one of our top selling Valentine’s Day products and for good reason – it’s easy to customise, great value and she’s sure to love it. It’s dishwasher and microwave proof so when she asks you to wash up, you can bung it in the dishwasher and her lipstick will come straight off. To order yours now, just click the link below, enter her name and wait for her new mug to arrive.


Personalised Heart Name Mug

#2 Magic Sequin Photo Cushion – Ladies love cushions – FACT!

She can never have too many cushions. Need another reason? How about two. This one’s personalised, and it’s got sequins. Pick your favourite photo, upload it to our website then we’ll do the rest. She’ll love her very own personalised cushion – it won’t be like any other cushion she owns!


Personalised Magic Sequin Cushion

#3 Personalised Photo Coaster – Protect your coffee table

You don’t want to settle for any old coaster to keep your coffee table in pristine condition. Choose one of our personalised photo coasters to protect it in style. Find a picture that she’ll really like and she’ll make sure that it goes on that table straight away. The beauty of this gift is that you don’t have to settle for just one coaster – you can choose as many different coasters as you like so she’ll be able to place them all around the house and constantly be reminded of how thoughtful you are.


Personalised Photo Coaster

#4 Heart Shape Photo Keyring – The perfect way to attach a memory to her daily routine.

When was the last time you bought her a keyring? Thought so. That means that you’ve picked the perfect time to gift her one of our personalised Heart Shape Photo Key Rings.¬† Find that lovely picture of the two of you then click the link below and you’ll be able to get creating the perfect gift. She’s guaranteed to love it so you’d better get on with it!

Heart Shape Photo Keyring


#5 In Your Face Personalised Socks – An absolute cracker of a gift that is guaranteed to make her laugh.

Nothing caught your eye so far? Don’t worry, these socks will do just the job. Our In Your Face personalised Socks are known for putting a smile on the recipient’s face and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to gift your partner her very own pair. Send us a picture of her face and we’ll replicate it all over the socks so that every time she glances at her feet, she’ll see her beautiful self looking back at her.


In Your Face Personalised Socks

#6 Awesome Mugs – A classic gift to remind her of how amazing she is.

If you’re still really stuck about what to get her then maybe this will do the trick. Our Awesome Mugs have been a customer favourite for years and we’ve already sold heaps of them this year. They’re our easiest products to buy and it’s sure to keep her happy for another year. Just select the appropriate mug and tell us where to send it to – how easy is that?!


#7 Stitch Heart Wrapping Paper – You’ve got the gift so let’s wrap it up.

You’ve done the hard bit but let’s make sure that her gift is presented to her nicely. This customisable wrapping paper means that the presentation can be as thoughtful as the gift so you’ll be doubly in her good books. Choose up to four photos to add to the paper to really make it personal then upload them to our website and marvel at your creation. In fact, this paper goes down so well that it doesn’t even matter what the gift is inside – she’ll love it so much that you’ll be out of the dog house, whatever you buy.


Stitch Heart Wrapping Paper




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