Christmas Eve Traditions


Christmas EVE trad

Christmas Eve is possibly THE most exciting night of the year, and it can terribly difficult to wait for Santa to bring his sack of goodies.

Whether you are very little or not quite so little anymore, we all spend far too much time having a squeeze of the pressies, trying to work out what they might be. Whether its socks, or the latest console, it’s painful waiting.

So jazz up your evening with a Christmas Eve box!

A Christmas Eve box consists of all the Christmassy things which are necessary for a snuggly night on the sofa with your loved ones to get you in the seasonal spirit.


– A new snuggly set of pj’s are an absolute must, the softer the better. Team them up with some fluffy bed socks, or go all out and get yourself a onesie!

– Hot chocolate in your favourite personalised mug. Nothing can make you feel cozier than a hot chocolate when it’s snowy and cold outside. Cover it in marshmallows, and for you older ones, drop in a touch of Brandy to make it that extra bit special. Check out some recipes below!

– A Christmas film. Whether it’s an old black and white classic, or features a grown man running around in an elf suit screaming ‘SANTA’, it’s completely obligatory to snuggle up with a Christmas film, as there is so many good ones to choose from!

– Christmas cookies and other baked goods. This is where you get to get creative! A time to get messy and make some sugary snacks, and be able to eat them whilst they are still warm, is even better…

– Reindeer dust – make up sachets of glitter and oats to sprinkle over your garden, just so that Santa and his reindeer know where they need to make their stop. Don’t forget to put out a few carrots too!

– A Christmas story. ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ never gets old, and the bookshops are now crammed with fun stories to get your imagination running away to the North Pole. A lovely way to settle the little ones to a peaceful night’s sleep before all the excitement of Christmas really begins.

– For the adults – get yourself a second Brandy filled Hot Chocolate. You’re going to need it…..

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