10 Rubbish Christmas Gifts


Rubbish Christmas Gifts

Although it’s the season of giving, it’s a wonderful feeling when you receive a well thought out gift. However now and again Santa doesn’t quite deliver the goods, and you’re left with gifts that will just clutter your cupboards. We’ve put together a list of all the rubbish Christmas gifts we have received over the years.

1. Kitchen Utensils – Just why?

2. Christmas Jumpers (as you have to wait a whole year to wear it again, unless you like to start early on the festive cheer)

3. Chocolates (as Christmas is already an over indulgent affair)

4. Shampoo or Shower Gel Gift Sets (same principle as socks and also these never get used, even though you keep meaning to use them)

5. Car Accessories (again same principle as the socks and shampoo, gifts like car mats, car tidies or touches not really gifts)

6. Gifts that aren’t meant for you (when someone buys you a gift that’s really for them)

7. Books (related to topics you aren’t interested in and end up on a bookshelf unread)

8. Book Tokens (if you aren’t a big reader, and will probably expire before you think to use it)

9. Badly made knitted clothing (that you feel you have to wear when the knitter visits)

10. DVD’s or CD’s (that you wouldn’t watch or listen to in a million years)

Go the extra mile this year and get your loved ones gifts that are especially made for them, why not try giving personalised gifts.

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